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Hotel Information

The Academic Activity Center at Academia Sinica offers clean and comfortable guest rooms. Rooms are air-conditioned and outfitted with towel, bed linens, cable TV and wireless computer networking. The single room rate is NT$1,100/night; and the double room rate is NT$1,400/night. Breakfast will not be included in the cost of a night's stay. Please book a room more than 7 days prior to your check-in date. Gourmet breakfast and lunch can be purchased at cafeterias within easy walking distance. These cafeterias are also available for dinner. If you prefer a hotel room to a guest room at the Academic Activity Center, you may contact the hotels below by phone or through their website, and let them know you are coming for the ISBIE-2009 event held at Academia Sinica. These hotels will offer you rooms at discount rates. You are encouraged to book early. The rates listed below are subject to change without notice.

Distance from Academia Sinica
Contact Information
Grand Hyatt Taipei From NT$7,700
The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei From NT$4,200
San Want Hotel From NT$4,200
City Lake Hotel From NT$4,300
Sheraton Taipei Hotel From NT$10,000
Howard International House Taipei From NT$2,500
From NT$3,700
The Grand Hotel From NT$4,000
The Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taipei From NT$5,500
Ambassador Hotel Taipei From NT$6,400
From NT$8,000
Leader Hotel Taipei From NT$3,400

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